“Franziska Huhn’s harp triggering a glittering hall of mirrors”

“maestro Ian Watson had the players in peak form (largely drawn from his Arcadia Players Baroque Ensemble) including a swirling, torrid harp solo by Franziska Huhn in the first act that could have melted a glacier”

“Harpist Franziska Huhn provided a sweet accompaniment to the music’s softer spots.”

“Earle Brown’s exploration of form and formlessness, time and timelessness, sound and silent, old and new, works brilliantly in this new world of listening to music as though it is streamed directly from one mind to another with no barriers or mediation in-between.”

“The third and simplest reiteration of this prayer, sung and played just before the end with heartbreaking eloquence by mezzo-soprano Lynn Torgove, clarinettist Bruce Creditor, and harpist Franziska Huhn, is the deep moment of interior quietude everything has been leading up to.”

“Harpist Franziska Huhn was also featured prominently throughout the evening in both Britten’s Ceremony of Carols and Rutter’s Angels’ Carol).”

Titled “A Celestial Christmas” the SRO concert (now in its sixth season) also featured internationally acclaimed harpist Franziska Huhn.

“Franziska Huhn and Nathan Horvath both gave strong performances”

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